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You and your horse deserve the best training, lessons, and coaching. Welcome to Tesoro Quarter Horses!


Welcome to Tesoro Quarter Horses! Everyone should have access to well-trained performance horses, and that is why we exist. Training people to be better horsemen is our passion, and we have been doing that for many years prior to founding Tesoro Quarter Horses in 2022.

We are combining years of experience in the ranch horse discipline with our family-focused and fun-loving personalities. The result? A family-friendly, welcoming, and professional facility for anyone and everyone. We can’t wait to see you here!

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Sarah began her love for horses when she first watched the 2002 film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Naturally, like any six-year-old girl, a spark was created and she begged her parents for her own horse.  As an alternative, they agreed to enroll Sarah for lessons at an English style barn and the spark grew into a passion for horses. After riding for several years, Sarah ultimately earned her own horse in the seventh grade and decided to transition to trail and western riding. She spent her summer days jumping fallen trees in the woods and practicing barrel patterns in the pasture at her grandmother’s farm. Owning and being responsible for a horse by herself opened the realization that she had a lot to learn, which is where passion turned into dedication. Throughout middle and high school Sarah studied YouTube videos on troubleshooting horse behavioral and physical issues, participated in fun and educational shows, and went to as many horse expositions as possible. It wasn’t until after high school that Sarah was able to begin working under various trainers.


Sarah has worked extensively at Christian Youth Camps where she learned to teach lessons for children, lead trail rides, facilitate riders through obstacle courses, and basic cow work. She firmly believes in developing a well-rounded horse that is willing to do anything you point their nose to do. Sarah believes that ultimately horses are a bridge to building community and being in fellowship with one another.


In 2020 she started taking lessons focused on reining under Marlin Holroyd, a NRHA Reining Judge. Under his training, Sarah developed a better understanding of a balanced horse and went back to the foundation of riding - dressage.


With all her combined experiences Sarah has made it a goal to develop a balanced horse under the saddle and in their mind. Whether they’re ridden for lessons, the show ring or trails. But her greatest goal is to use the horse as a tool to develop young people’s character and confidence and to equip them for whatever the future may hold. 



Are you ready to take your horse to the next level?

We look forward to working with your horse!

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Do you want to be more competitive in shows? Or are you a beginner?

Either way, we are here for you!

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"Such a great facility and people are amazing. My granddaughter is learning and growing"

Pam A.

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